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A Brilliant Gamble
Say No to the 9 - 5
Category: Self-Help
Location: WIltshire
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As the CEO of That People Thing, I've spent more than 10,000 hours in board meetings and I've learnt what works and what doesn'...

by Blaire Palmer
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July 10, 2018 06:51 AM PDT

Do you find it harder and harder to balance having a family with having a job? According to the 2018 Modern Families Index, when UK parents were asked how
they felt about their employer in terms of work-life balance, over a third of parents surveyed said they felt resentful, with more fathers than mothers agreeing.

The report was published by Working Families, the UK’s leading Work-Life Balance Organisation. In today’s show, I interview Sarah Jackson OBE, the CEO of Working Families. Sarah has campaigned for a better balance between work and life for over 20 years.

Sarah is incredibly optimistic and I felt really excited talking to her about what might be possible in the future, but it's certainly clear that we have a way to go. It’s down to us as individuals - and leaders - to create a revolution in how we work so that we can happily combine what we do for a job with having a life!

You can read the UK Modern Families Index report and find out more about [Working Families][1] on their website. Their mission is to achieve a society that allows real choice in balancing the interdependent demands of family, work and community at different life stages and so enables everyone to realise their full potential.

Please stay in touch with us @brilliantgamble on Twitter and Instagram. And visit our [website][2] to find all previous episodes of this show and sign up for the free 3-week 'Gamble Guide' programme filled with insights and advice on work life balance and designing a life you love.

July 02, 2018 12:33 PM PDT

Making the right career decisions - which company, what salary, how many hours, remote or office based, climb the ladder or do a job that isn't too demanding - and ensuring that it fits with everything else that matters to you in life is COMPLICATED!

And it requires SKILLS! Skills you didn't learn at school. How do you negotiate a pay rise? How do you ask about maternity leave at a job interview? How can you express both that the work is important to you AND so is taking care of your parents/kids/dogs/golf handicap?

Today's guest has the answers.

Lauren McGoodwin is CEO and Founder of Career Contessa, a US based recruitment site and a lot, lot more! This is the new face of recruitment people. She recognised that women look for a career differently to men and she built a service to reflect those differences.

In this interview we talk about the pay gap between women and WOMEN, how women job search differently and how important it is that we, as women, have each other's backs. Some surprising stats about that towards the end of the interview.

Be sure to check out the Career Contessa website www.careercontessa.com and have a look at their courses and articles for some great tips for getting the career you want.

Stay in touch with us on social media (@brilliantgamble) and on our website where you can read the blog, listen to more podcasts and find out where we are on our Big Trip! www.abrilliantgamble.com

June 25, 2018 11:34 AM PDT

Do you ever dream of ditching the commute, selling your house and everything in it and spending your life working from the most glamorous and fascinating cities in the world?

Well, the ladies behind Eff the Office did just that. Four years ago Erin and Tannia set off for Barcelona (to see if they liked it!) and they haven't looked back.

In this interview we talk about the reality of life as a digital nomad, the preconceptions of others and how to get started if this is your dream too.

You can find tonnes of resources on their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAijWDHmZJN1S45SDA51ndA and find a community of likeminded people on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EffTheOffice/

Follow them on twitter and instagram as well @EffTheOffice

You can stay in touch with us too on twitter and instagram (@brilliantgamble) and check out our website www.abrilliantgamble.com for information about our programmes and to get the free 3-part Gamble Guide!

June 18, 2018 03:27 AM PDT

Richard McCann is an author and keynote speaker. He’s also the son of the first victim of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Suttcliff.

In 1975 Sutcliffe attacked and killed Richard’s mum - Richard was 5 years old at the time. Eventually Sutcliffe was found guilty of 20 attacks, 13 of those women died.

In this interview Richard talks about his life - the pivotal moments that changed his story… and the moments where he decided to take charge and choose his own path.

You can find out more about Richard and his work at http://www.richardmccann.co.uk/

And you can buy his books at Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Richard-McCann/e/B001PYS1N8

To stay in touch with us it's @brilliantgamble on Twitter and Instagram and www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up for the newsletter, read more about our big trip and find all our other contact details!

We LOVE to hear from you!

June 11, 2018 09:53 AM PDT

Remember the advert where the guy turns to his wife and announces "I'm going it alone. Tarquin's with me. Hugo's with me"? (I've made up my own names since I don't recall exactly who was with him but I know it was the 80s and they were very Thatcherite names).

Well, running your own business has never been as popular as now. The internet, the sheer number of people who are doing it (making it feel less risky) and our growing desire to do something that has meaning for us, is driving the entrepreneur revolution.

But what's it actually like to work for yourself? These ladies know! The presenters of Being Boss both run their own creative businesses, they create resources and networks for other people who either want to or are already running their own show and their book "Being Boss" has been doing super well as well!

In this interview with Emily and Kathleen we talk big hair, tarot and, of course, what it's actually like to run your own business.

I hope you love it and are inspired by these two fab ladies.

You can find out more about them at https://beingboss.club/ and order the book at https://beingboss.club/book.

To stay in touch with me follow us @brilliantgamble on twitter and instagram and sign up for the free 3-part Gamble Guide at www.abrilliantgamble.com

Thank you!!

June 04, 2018 09:18 AM PDT

Over the last few weeks I've been having conversations with the wonderful people who are going to be part of the upcoming pilot for the A Brilliant Gamble Coaching Programme.

It's been inspiring to hear what they want to do with their lives and how they want to move forward from this crossroads moment.

Some have total clarity about what they want. That vision might evolve, pivot or even be scrapped and re-thought. But right now they can see it, feel it, smell it.

Other people are much clearer about what they DON'T want!

We can get pretty judgemental on ourselves about focusing on what's not working, what we don't want, what we want to stop doing or being. Surely it's better to be thinking big about the future, than focusing on the flaws of the present moment?

Well, this week I have been thinking about how important it can be to focus on what you don't want. And in today's show I share three advantages about doing just that.

Please follow us on the social (@brilliantgamble), sign up to the newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com so you know when the next cohort for the coaching programme is being recruited, and leave a star rating and comment for us on iTunes!

Thank you!

May 28, 2018 11:17 AM PDT

I am often asked how I manage to run a business, homeschool and travel as a single mum.

To be honest it's something I wouldn't think about much except for the fact that people ask me!

That's just our life.

But what's interesting is how we all use aspects of our situation - our age, our personal circumstances, our work, our education, our financial position - as reasons not to do something.

Being a single mum stopped me considering homeschooling for a long time until I realised we could do it...if I made a few changes to my work. I'm not immune to the cultural messages that powerfully tell us what's possible and what isn't!

In this podcast I talk about being a single mum on this journey and how to think differently about the cultural messages you're getting so they don't stop you doing what you really want to do!

Stay in touch in instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and sign up to the newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com to find out about upcoming online programmes and group coaching.

And please, please, please recommend this podcast to other people who may be on the cusp of taking a brilliant gamble of their own!

May 14, 2018 11:17 AM PDT

I'm hearing a lot about "pivoting" at the moment.

In a business context it means shifting the focus or emphasis of the company.

In life it means taking a left or right turn away from the direction you'd set off in and adjusting course based on what you've learnt so far.

Well, we're pivoting our adventure!

In today's episode I explain what we're letting go of and what we're embracing as we learn more about what we need.

This year is about really living, really enjoying the moment and reconfiguring our lives in ways that, we hope, will change us forever.

And our first lesson - You Won't Know Until You Go - is a biggie!

I hope you enjoy the show.

Follow us on instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and visit www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up for the FREE 3-part Gamble Guide so you can start leaping in to your own Brilliant Gambles and really living life NOW!

May 08, 2018 03:59 AM PDT

This last week has been tough for us.

While we love our little Yorkshire AirBnB, we have no wifi or phone signal there and have had to rent an office (no windows, no natural light, smells a bit) a few hours a day so I can continue to serve my clients.

However, this took a little time to arrange and last week I had to cancel a session and struggled through a couple of phone calls, being cut off every few minutes and losing portions of what people were saying to me.

When I reflected on why this affected me so much I realised that serving clients is the number one priority in any business and that my lifestlye choice had meant that, on this occasion, I was unable to deliver on that number one priority. It didn't feel good.

In today's show I share my thoughts about business purpose, serving clients and my own struggles to find the right balance between the lifestyle I've chosen and the business I love.

Please stay in touch on instagram and twitter (@brilliantgamble) and visit www.abrilliantgamble.com to sign up to my free 3-part Gamble Guide!

April 23, 2018 12:28 PM PDT

Just because you sell your house, put your worldly belongings in a storage container and travel around Europe in a campervan for a year doesn't mean you feel any different than you did when you lived in a normal house in a normal town.

Last week I realised that despite disrupting our lives in a BIG WAY I still felt kinda the same.

In order to feel different you have to BE different. You have to include in your life practices and habits that weren't in your life before. You have to choose a different state of being. You have to change from within. Changing the external elements is not enough.

Today I talk about this realisation and share some concepts that can help you feel different about yourself and your life, whether or not you're going to shake things up on the outside.

Please sign up to our newsletter at www.abrilliantgamble.com, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@brilliantgamble) and rate and share this show on iTunes!

Thanks for all your support!

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